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toronto's Punk community [entries|friends|calendar]
the Greater Toronto Area's Punk Community.

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[29 Dec 2005|03:19pm]

Hi Everyone,

What are your plans in Toronto this coming New Year's Eve? It can go from boring/bizarre/fun to typical. My friends and I are headed there, unsure of what to do specifically, but we'd love some leads if any of you have any suggestions (we don't know the area at all and are up for anything)-- or hell, if you want to meet up with a bunch of random friendly people, certainly let me know :)


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Frygirl's annual Cannabis Party [30 Jun 2005|08:52pm]

**********The KATHEDRAL presents Frygirl's Great Canadian Cannabis Party featuring live music by The Black Donnallys, Undadogg, Society Interrupted, The Bendecos(my personal fave), One Short and Random Killing.

Kathedral - Queen and Bathurst
cover: probably 7$ish
available "treats and tea"
great bands and as I say BENDECOS totally rock. take a peek.

I'll be there baby!!!!!!
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[11 Jun 2005|08:29am]

i have a question/request for anyone in the toronto area.

would anyone be willing to put me and my friend up the night of june 21 and 22?

we are from iowa and are riding a bus to the nofx show and dont really have any money to stay in a hotel. and it would be awesome if you could help us.

we are two nice kids who aren't going to break your stuff, eat your food, fuck your sister ect. and your kindness will be repaid with dinner or beer or something.

if your interested or have any questions please leave me a comment.

thanks, kyle.
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